EFB batteries

Do you need a new starter battery for your car? Then you may be looking for a so-called EFB battery. this is a type of car battery that suits a wide range of car models. You can see our selection of EFB batteries on this page. If you find the right one, you can buy it right on the webshop with a few clicks. Buying car batteries via our modern webshop is simple, fast and safe.

Worth knowing about EFB batteries

EFB batteries are a type of car battery that are known for delivering high performance and reliability compared to more traditional car batteries. Specifically, it is a type of enhanced wet cell battery that is not as advanced as, for example, an AGM battery. However, this is not necessarily a bad thing, as less advanced does not necessarily mean that it is a worse battery.

One of the advantages of choosing an EFB battery for your car is that it has a better charging cycle than traditional batteries. Also, this technology is known to help ensure good durability in spite of extended downtime (with the engine off), but the battery can also easily handle frequent engine start-ups.

Do your EFB batteries fit my car?

Our EFB batteries fit a wide range of car models, so you can probably buy one that suits your car. Fortunately, it’s easy to find out, as all you have to do is enter your car's number plate via the search function on this page. Then you will be presented with the EFB batteries that fit your car.

If you do not have the car's registration number to hand, you can also visit the individual product pages for our batteries. On these product pages you will find an overview that illustrates which car models the battery fits. This means you can quickly find out whether the battery and your car are a match. 

EFB batteries are basically really good for cars that offer start / stop technology, as well as cars that need more battery power than normal - either due to a special driving pattern or equipment in the car that needs a lot of power. 

EFB batteries at favourable prices online (and in store)

When you shop at Biltema, you can always be sure to get the products, including car batteries, at favourable prices. Our EFB batteries are of course no exception. You can buy them at good prices - regardless of whether you shop online here on the webshop or whether you would rather visit one of our stores and buy them there.

On this page you can see our selection of EFB batteries and their prices. You can also click directly on the product pages, where you can get more information about stock status in our stores, battery specifications and much more. If you would like more information than you can find on the product pages, please contact our customer service department. 

It could simply not be easier or much cheaper to buy a new starter battery with EFB technology than here at Biltema. Thank you for shopping with us!