Voltage Converter

Art. 38-122
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Compact converter for connection to a 12 V cigarette socket and can be placed in a mug holder. Converts 12 V to 230 V in order to connect devices that can handle modified sine wave output. Also has a USB port for connection an MP3 player or digital camera.

Technical data
  • USB port: Yes
  • Power rating: 150 watts
  • Max output: 300 watts
  • Voltage in: DC 12 V
  • Voltage out: AC 230V
  • Output waveform: Modified sine wave
  • Frequency out: 50 Hz
  • Current, stand-by: < 100 mA
  • Efficiency: 90%
  • Overload protection
  • Fuse: 20A
  • Dimensions: Ø 70 mm
  • Weight: 473 g

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