Manual Ratchet Strap

Art. 34-284

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For safe lashing of loads. Spring-loaded reeling mechanism. Strap made of polyester with 2 strong PE-clad hooks and rubber-clad handle. The strap is made of high-strength, UV-stable polyester.

  • Avoid tangling with manual reeling
  • Tidy storage
  • Tie-down strength: 1360 kg
  • Tensile strength: 680 kg
  • Length: 4.9 m
  • Width: 38 mm
Polyester strap and 2 hooks that can be connected with a "winch" handle, and manual rolling function. The strap remains tidy with no tangling (as if often the case) and is always ready for use. When tying down a load, first secure the front hook. Then shift the lock on the "winch" handle forwards into the decoupled position. Pull out enough strap from the reel and position it over the load so that the rear hook can be secured. Then tension the strap with the "winch" handle to quickly and safely lash the load. The ratchet strap can be loosened by releasing the lock and moving the "winch" handle forwards into the decoupled position, pulling out the strap and loosening the hooks. Then roll up the strap manually into the reel.

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