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Maintenance-free MC battery where the acid is bound in a turbid gel which prevents leakage even if the battery is mounted at a 90° angle.

  • Long service life and safe to handle.
  • Fully closed, does not require filling with distilled water.
  • No hydrogen or other gas can leak out.
  • When charging neither gas nor caustic vapour are given off, enabling the battery to be positioned in difficult to access spaces.
  • Withstands more discharging cycles than conventional MC batteries.
  • Slow self-discharge rate and good ability to recover after a deep discharge makes the gel battery ideal for seasonal or sporadic use.
  • Suitable for charging with one of Biltema's 12 V lead battery chargers.
All prices include lead and environmental charges.12
    • Voltage: 12 V
    • Capacity: 21 Ah
    • Dimensions: 175 x 100 x 174 mm
    • Weight: 7,77 kg

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