Exhaust Bandage

Art. 79-453
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  • Made from sturdy and flexible fibreglass yarn.
    * For mounting on manifolds, exhaust pipes and pipes on turbochargers.
    * Produces less heat radiation.
    * The correct exhaust temperature improves the exchange of gases and can therefore benefit the engine output.
    * Ideal for wrapping around tight bends along pipes.
    * The ends are locked in position with clamps or steel wire.
    * Length: 15 m.
    * Width: 25 mm.
    * Thickness: 1.6 mm.
    * Heat-resistance: 800 °C, peaking up to 1300 °C.
NOTE: The cabins of certain light aircraft are heated via the exhaust system. Through heat-insulating the manifold the temperature in the silencers is increased, giving better cabin heating.

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