Rust Magic

Art. 36-50

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Handy pen that makes it easy to mend small rust spots. Dries after 15 minutes. The area can be painted after 3 hours. 10 ml.
  1. Scrape off loose paint and rust flakes.
  2. Shake the pen well.
  3. Press out some rust converter by pressing the pen's upper part a few times against a hard, clean surface.
  4. Apply liberally to the rusted area. Wipe away any residue outside of the rusted area with a lint-free cloth.
  5. The mended area will take on a blue-black colour after 15 minutes.
  6. Allow to dry for 3 hours before painting over.
NOTE: The area should turn blue-black when the rust converter reacts with the rust. If this does not happen after 15 minutes, apply the rust converter again. Do not use the pen on rough surfaces as this may damage the tip. Rust Magic is not intended to be used on large rusted areas.

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