Embrasure, MDF, white-painted

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Often used for filling out windows, when the wall is thicker than the window and window frame, this embrasure is put on the wall next to the window frame with the rounded side facing outwards, which becomes a filler for the frame and the design appearing more uniform. MDF embrasure (medium density fibreboard) is manufactured from a tight wooden fibreboard which retains its form. Its advantage compared to a wooden construction is that it gives a smooth surface fully free from knots or traces of growth rings. The embrasure is supplied painted white in NCS S0502-Y with a gloss value of 20-30.
  • EMBRASURE WHITE MDF 18*70*2440

    EMBRASURE WHITE MDF 18*70*2440

    Art. 87-7247
    18 x 70 x 2400 mm
  • EMBRASURE WHIT MDF 18*250*2440

    EMBRASURE WHIT MDF 18*250*2440

    Art. 87-7251
    18 x 250 x 2400 mm
  • EMBRASURE WHIT MDF 18*120*2440

    EMBRASURE WHIT MDF 18*120*2440

    Art. 87-7248
    18 x 120 x 2400 mm
  • EMBRASURE WHIT MDF 18*220*2440

    EMBRASURE WHIT MDF 18*220*2440

    Art. 87-7250
    18 x 220 x 2400 mm
  • EMBRASURE WHIT MDF 18*170*2440

    EMBRASURE WHIT MDF 18*170*2440

    Art. 87-7249
    18 x 170 x 2400 mm

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