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Art. 10-001

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Article no. 10-000 - 10-004:
Bags of fully synthetic material for vacuum cleaners. The bags have 5 layers to minimise the amount of particles that are re-emitted into the air. Resealable opening to reduce spillage when removing a full bag.

Art. no. 44-719, 84-0350, 84-0670, 84-0790:
Bags made of paper for vacuum cleaners.

Models:Refer to manual below.


  • AEG: Classic Essensio VivaControl VivaQuickStop MS Twintech Standard QS Ultra AirMax Clario Equipt Pluto Ergo Oxy3system Pro AE GR Jet Oxygen+ S-Bag Maximus Öko
  • Electrolux: Ergospace JMTurbo Mono+ Silence Ultra ZT ESClassic ESGreen ESParketto Oxygen+ S-Bag Standard Viva Bolido E ESClassicP JMOrigin Maximus SuperPro XXL Z ZUSOriginB Ergoshok JMAllFloor JMAllFlr+ JMOriginFD Oxy3System Oxygene Airmax Ergomini JMAnimal USGreen Clario EL ESAnimal ESOrigin Exellio JetMaxx ZAPOriginW ZUOGreen ZUSDeluxe Classic ESAllFloor JMFloorPro Smart USAllFloor USEnergy USOriginWR VivaControl ZUSOriginT Essensio USAnimal ZUSOriginRB
  • Hugin: Titan Tornado Stratus
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  • Hanseatic: 732.326
  • Philips: Carpet Control FC9100 FC9150 Studio FC8023 Fuchsia Small City-Line Easy Transparent Wild FC8022 SilentStar Specialist Animal Expression Home Power S-Bag Sydney Impact Jewel FC8020 FC8021 FC8027 FC9000 Gemini Mobilo Performer Universe FC9050 HR6999
  • Privileg: 356.887 661.349 101.352 258.921 437.841 516.341 101.313 186.521 989.443 104.396 158.096 631.349 479.940
  • Satrap: Aspira SA
  • Progress: Bolido PC
  • Volta: Jet Modelys S-Bag AirMax Bolido Maximus Quickstop Pluto Essensio U
  • Swirl: PH S-Bagl

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