Kettle Grill 57 cm

Art. 50-085
Grill over a perfect bed of coals with this classic charcoal grill with large grilling area. Control the heat with the thermometer and adjustable ventilation in the lid. Easy-to-assemble.

Technical data:
  • Porcelain enamel lid and chamber. *Thermometer. *Ash pan. *Wheels for easy moving. *Bottom shelf. *Grill rack, Ø 55 cm. *Charcoal grid, Ø 45.5 cm. *Grill height. 86 cm. *Total height: 109 cm. *Weight: 7.8 kg *Combustible fuel: Charcoal or briquettes.
WARNING!Only use the grill outdoors. Place the grill downwind on a flat, non-flammable surface. DO NOT touch the grill when hot. DO NOT allow children or pets near the grill when lit. A lit grill must never be left unattended. Be mindful of fire risks! Do not pour hot ash or glowing coals onto the ground. Make sure to always have water close at hand. DO NOT spray lighter fluid onto the grill when hot.

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