Lawn fertilizer

Art. 14-0461
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  • EU fertilizer with micro-nutrition
  • Quickly absorbed by the grass roots
  • Gives a strong, green and tight lawn
  • NPK: 20-5-5*One sack is sufficient for 200-250 m². 5 kg

To fertilize an established lawn:
  • In the spring. When the lawn has dried out somewhat, but the earth is still damp, spread out approx 2.5 kg/100 m². If it does not rain within a few days thereafter, it is important to water the fertilizer into the lawn.
  • Start- mid June. Spread out a further 2.5 kg/100 m².
  • Start of August. If you think the grass should be even greener, spread out approx 2 kg/100 m².

This is how to fertilize when newly-sown:
  • Basic fertilization. Spread out approx 4.5 kg/100 m² and turn the fertilizer in with a rotary cultivator. Even out the surface and sow the grass seeds. Alternatively, wait to fertilize the first time until the grass is approx 6 cm tall.

NOTE! Always water after fertilizing!

Also flowerbeds and vegetable plots can be fertilized with Biltema's lawn fertilizer in the spring – approx 2 kg/100 m².

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