About Biltema Foundation

About Biltema Foundation

Biltema Foundation's purpose is to support charities in developing countries around the world. The foundation wants to contribute to better education, more efficient health care and research that has a positive impact on our society. Biltema Foundation is also ready to provide support during major disasters around the world.

Apply for support

All charitable organizations can apply for support from Biltema Foundation by filling in our application form. The response time may vary depending on the type of project the application concerns. If the application is for a larger sum of money, the foundation must discuss this at a two-year meeting. Depending on the project's purpose and geographical location, different types of documentation are required. Therefore, the board gives advice on what further documentation is required after the application has been processed.

Reports and documentation

Organizations that receive a donation must regularly send reports and documentation showing how the funding is being used and how the project is progressing. Biltema Foundation may also do on-site inspections.

Biltema Foundation's assets

Biltema Foundation is financed by Biltema’s surplus profits and the assets of the fund amounts to approximately SEK 800 million.

The Board

Name and function of directors:

Swiss foundation

M.L.C. Wennberg

S.A. Lindholm

Secretary & treasurer
L.E. Jensen

Netherlands foundation

S.A. Lindholm

M.L.C. Wennberg

L.E. Jensen

J.H. Graham

Remuneration policy

The Foundation has no employees. The Foundation pays members of the board travel expenses.

Register Information

Biltema Foundation/Stichting Biltema
Foundation register number: 51436469

Arent Janszoon Ernststraat 595 G, Unit 6.2
1082 LD Amsterdam

Biltema Fondation
Foundation register number: CHE-377.463.980

Biltema Fondation
c/o Birgma International SA
Route de Brent 13B
1816 Chailly/Montreux

Media contact: Johan Gerdevåg, Marketing Manager, johan.gerdevag@biltema.com. For all other requests, please contact foundation@biltema.com


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