Meet Camilla, sales assistant trainee (Adult trainee)

Meet Camilla, sales assistant trainee (Adult trainee)

Name: Camilla Nørgaard Rasmussen

Age: 33

Position: Sales Assistant Trainee (Adult Trainee)

Do you think the blue colour suits you?

Yes – although it’s the reference to us looking like a Smurf that I probably feel less comfortable with. I don’t mind the blue colour. It makes customers notice us and know that we can assist them. We are definitely recognisable in our uniform. The blue colour is fine, it’s very blue – it’s Biltema blue.

Why did you choose be become a Biltema trainee – what appealed to you most?

The range of products. I always knew I wanted to work in a store, but it the type of store was important to me. I don’t want to just work in a grocery store, I rather want to work in a specialty store, where I deal with the things that I also use in my everyday life. I have been shopping at Biltema with my family since the store opened in Næstved. So I’ve always known the store. I got the opportunity to start as a temp about a year ago, and since I had already had some training in retail, I asked if there was an opportunity to become an adult trainee. Biltema then said that if I felt that I fit in, liked being here, and could get along with the other employees, then it was definitely an option.

Working on the floor comes with lots of responsibilities. Do you enjoy having plenty of customer contact and independent responsibility in your workday?

Yes – a lot. I wanted to work with customers since I’ve had some jobs in which I did not deal with people. I worked alone a lot and lacked opportunities to assist and help people, do something for someone, and talk to someone.

I think it’s great that customers come up and ask fro help, and that you can help them and actually use your creativity and knowledge to help them with their projects. I just get happy when I get a “thank you so much for the help” and I can say “you’re welcome”. I love the customer service aspect.

What’s the best thing about your workday in the store?

The very best thing is the customer contact – the service I provide, but I also like the development that exists in terms of product knowledge. Discontinued items, new items, product registration, product sorting, and how they should be merchandised in the store. For example, if you move the product somewhere else, it actually sells better than when we had it over on the other shelf. So the development of the store itself makes it fun to be here. No two days are the same.

Do you feel that your training is preparing you for retail?

Yes, I think so. Especially since it is our own team with only Biltema trainees. We have a trainer who encourages us to talk about the products and systems we work with. We also get the opportunity to talk to some of the others in the company, including the CEO and the head office, where we get insights and thoughts about the future. We don’t just stand around in a store. We are really equipped from the smallest detail and as much as we want. It’s not just about being able, it’s more about what you want to achieve yourself. When we come up with ideas, they are made use of by those higher up, who are always open to listening to our ideas and what our creative thoughts can offer in the store. This applies to both displays and other products as well as sought-after items that we do not have in stock. They are really open here at Biltema. It also makes you feel lucky. When I hear about other stores and trainee programmes, I feel I get a little extra here. We have a lot of influence and I think that’s great.

If you had to choose a favourite Biltema product, what would it be?

I have thought a lot about that. And I really don’t have a favourite product because it’s so hard to choose.

I bought the train track for my son for Christmas and my mother bought the big train track – he has had the biggest smile on his face ever since. He just loves playing with that train track. I’ve bought running clothes for myself and the Biltema hot dog socks. They are so comfortable to wear. They are amazing and I also have the Biltema hot dog t-shirt as well as a hoodie. When it’s not in the wash, I wear it.

I have way too many favourites.

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