Meet Hampus - Store Manager Nässjö

Meet Hampus - Store Manager Nässjö

Can you describe your journey within the company and tell us about the different positions you have held?

My journey began at Biltema in 2010 and then I started as an extra employee in the cash register and product picker. In 2012, I graduated from high school and there started my first full-time employment as a representative for Biltema Sweden AB. Then my task was to work with marketing Biltema at fairs, events and visiting companies. After 1 year, I got an opportunity to work in the department store that I couldn't refuse. I have been very keen to walk the entire "staircase" right from the start. I have gone all the way as an extra employee, employee in the department store, KKC (Customer Service, cashier & cafe manager) warehouse/logistics manager, STF department store manager and department store manager where I am today.

What made you start at the company and what factors have contributed to your successful career development here?

Started at Biltema thanks to having 2 cousins who worked at Biltema Jönköping. During the time I worked as an extra employee, I saw how quickly they developed and how much fun they thought it was, and it rubbed off on me as well. It has been useful and developing to work with different leaders who have different leadership styles.

What challenges have you faced during your career journey and how have you overcome them? 

I have encountered many different challenges along the entire journey. I am driven by having challenges in front of me. I have one thing I think about in my career that stands out. One was when I took my first step into the management team. From being trained by colleagues who have worked in the department store for many years to becoming a management team member who will run and develop the staff and the department store. I worked hard and I believed a lot in what I was doing. The most important thing was that I learned from my colleagues but at the same time believed in my own ideas and initiatives.

What qualities or skills do you think have been critical to your success within the company?

Actionable, flexibility, persistence, challenges and joy.

Can you share any specific projects or achievements that you are particularly proud of that have contributed to where you are today?

Where my journey took off was when I became warehouse/logistics manager & management team member. I developed incredibly much there. I set clear goals for myself and I felt that I have a lot to contribute here. It's a role where you immerse yourself in every detail of how an item moves from when you order it to when it arrives at the department store and is then sold. Here I started working with different ways of thinking in the orders, handling of articles and the structure of the warehouse. Later in my career in 2019, Biltema will come to Nässjö and I am one of the people involved in building up routines and working methods for the staff and the department store.

How has the company supported your development and what resources have been available to help you grow in your role?

Biltema is a safe company with a lot of resources. The fact that I have been able to do this journey internally requires a lot of support and trust from the company and I really think that Biltema has given me that.

Have you had any mentors or sources of inspiration within the company that have been important for your career development? If so, how have they affected you?

FFrom day one, I have followed many different people and leaders. I've also had many managers who have believed in me & that strengthens you a lot when you're in the middle of your career. I have many talented leaders around me who work hard and who have shown that anything is possible at Biltema.

What would you say are the most important lessons you've learned during your time here and what advice would you give to others aspiring to climb within the company?

For me, the next step has come from the fact that I have been very driven, goal-oriented, curious and that I have worked hard. The most important thing is to work for each other. Work to create a team spirit and have fun at work. My advice is also that you should not be afraid to take the next step if someone believes in you, then you deserve it!

How do you see the future and what goals do you have for your continued career within the company?

I see the future very brightly. Regardless of the role or position I have, my goal is to develop myself, colleagues & the company. The most important thing for me is that I have a challenge in front of me that is inspiring.