Biltema app on your smartphone

In our app, you can search for products and car spare parts throughout the entire Biltema range. Here you will find price, shelf position and stock availability for all our products as well as a detailed product description. In addition, you can - simply - make a shopping list. Perfect if you need to buy a lot and need to bring a shopping list with you to the department store.

In the Biltema app you will find all our products and it is easy to use for searching thanks to the simple menu. To find your item you can use:

Product Search

Search with free text throughout the assortment and see all articles that contain the keyword. If you have the article number you can of course search directly for the number.

Car part search

Search with your car's registration number and see all the spare parts in the assortment that suits your car.

Category navigation

With our category navigation, you can find your products by navigating in our eight different categories.

Stock Availability

You can easily see if the products are available in the warehouse you want to visit.

Map and directions

Once you have found your products you can easily find the nearest department store. Map and directions to the warehouses are easily found in the App.

Download the app today!

Search for "Biltema" in the App Store or Google Play or scan the code below to find the Biltema app.

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