Questions and answers about Biltema Foundation

Questions and answers about Biltema Foundation

Why was Biltema Foundation (BF) created? 

Biltema Foundation has been set up to help vulnerable people by contributing to education, health care and welfare. The foundation also contributes with donations during major disasters and crises, for example the Ebola outbreak in West Africa 2014-2016, the typhoon in the Philippines in 2013 and the refugee crisis during 2015. 

What is your goal with BF?

The goal is to support charities in the Nordic countries, where Biltema has its business, but also in developing countries around the world. The foundation supports the improvement of education, more efficient healthcare, research that has a positive impact on our society and provides aid during various disasters. The foundation focuses especially on children, less fortunate individuals, animals and the environment.

What are the focus points?

  • Improved education
  • More efficient healthcare
  • Research that has a positive impact on our society 
  • Aid during various disasters

Who is in charge of BF?

The board is in charge of the foundation.

How much funds are there in total in BF?

Biltema Foundation is financed by excess profits made by Biltema, with a current capital of over 800 million Swedish kronor.

Who can apply for funds from BF?

Every charity can apply.

Can individuals / private persons apply?


What criteria are there receive funds from BF?

Please see our four focus points. 

How to apply for funds?

Please fill out our application form, which can be found on our website.

What kind of documentation do you require?

Depending on the charity (purpose, location etc.), a variety of paper work will be needed. Please start by filling in the application form and the board will advise what further documentation is required.

How long will it take for a decision to be made regarding an application?

This depends on the size of the donation. If it is on the larger side, the foundation will need to bring it up during one of their two yearly meetings.

Can a project get more funds after a while, or is it a one-time-financing?

This depends on the agreement made.

What kind of reports and documentation will BF require from the projects that have been approved?

The Board must regularly receive reports and documentation to indicate how the funds are being used and how the project is progressing. BF also carries out on-the-spot checks.

Do you require a report in the end of the project?

Yes and during the project too.

What is the maximum and minimum amount of funds that a project can apply for?

All applications are welcome. No limits have been set.

Who is the contact person for BF?

Please contact us by e-mail or our online application form.

Is it possible to contact BF by phone?

Unfortunately not. Please contact us by e-mail or our online application form.