Digital receipts

Digital receipts

As a member of My Biltema you can receive your receipts digitally. It's easy to get started and completely free of charge. The digital receipt service is provided by Storebox. Once you have signed up at Storebox and registered your payment card, you will be able to see all your Biltema purchase receipts.

You will have access to your receipts at all times and can use these when you need to exchange or return a product at one of our stores. Plus, you are also contributing to sustainable development and our global environmental goals.

What is Storebox?

Storebox enables you to save your receipts digitally. These may be digital receipts from stores and/or physical receipts that you upload yourself.

What does it cost to sign up for the service?

It's free! All services provided by Storebox are free of charge.

Is it safe to register my payment card at Storebox?

Card data is stored in a PCI-certified environment (PCI stands for Payment Card Industry), and has the same level of security as that used for card payments online. Penetration tests are conducted on a quarterly basis, and all systems that handle card data are subject to annual recertification. Certification and testing is carried out by approved external security firms.

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