Bright, Bright Shining Light!

Bright, Bright Shining Light!

It’s finally time to light up our homes in the winter darkness with cosy Christmas lights. Adorn windows and window frames with atmospheric Christmas stars, use string lights to frame spaces, and let Advent candlesticks light up your dark rooms.

Christmas lights are the first real sign that Christmas is approaching – the season for gingerbread baking, mulled wine, and family time in front of the fire! So, fill your home with Christmas lighting, which definitely adds to the magical spirit of Christmas.

Advent candlesticks


The tradition of lighting Advent candles is very old. It is a popular decoration in most homes’ windows and brightens up the atmosphere in the winter darkness. Advent candlesticks come in a variety of colours, shapes and sizes to choose from. Maybe you want a traditional Advent candlestick with 7 candles? Or a slightly more modern candlestick with only 4? Or why not mix different types of Advent candlesticks from room to room?

Christmas stars


According to tradition, the Christmas stars (or Advent starts) we hang in the windows on the First Sunday of Advent represent the star of Bethlehem, which is said to have guided the three wise men to the newborn Christ Child. The Christmas star is a homely and cosy light source that can be hung up in the window or conservatory. You can also buy a Christmas star on a stand, which can be placed on the bedside table or on the TV stand where it creates a Christmas atmosphere.

String lights


String lights are usually associated with outdoor lighting, but string lights are actually a very popular indoor light during Christmas as well. For example, a string light can be decoratively hung around stair railings or windows. You can place shorter string lights in a transparent glass jar, thus creating a stylish Christmas light to put on the dinner table or on the coffee table.

Candle lanterns and decorative trees


During Christmas, it is also popular to decorate the home with candles with different shapes and scents. Because there really is something special about candlelight.
Invest in scented candles, the scents of which are reminiscent of the warmth and sweets of Christmas.

You can also spread light and Christmas warmth by placing candle lanterns in the red colour of Christmas around your home. Perhaps in the conservatory, at the TV or at the entrance?

If you don’t want to place your candles in candle lanterns, you can also put them in an Advent candlestick, which you can either buy ready-made or make yourself from scratch.
An Advent candlestick is not so difficult to make. What you need is a large enough container, candle holders and decorations – then you are only limited by your

Timer – energy consumption

You can control your Christmas lights with timers, which allow you to set the time for when you want the lights to turn on and off. Smart, right?
A timer lets you create a Christmas feeling even when you’re not at home or ensures that all the Christmas lights turn off automatically when you go to bed.

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