Liquid putty

Buying guide liquid putty - liquid putty with the right kind of putty

There are different types of liquid putty and these are used for different purposes. You therefore need to choose the variety that suits you best when you are going to liquid putty your floor. So how should you think about the choice of putty for leveling floors? To facilitate your choice, we guide you below what is important to keep in mind.

Liquiding putty for outdoor use and indoor use

Dear children have many names, and liquid putty can sometimes also go under the name leveling compound, floor leveling or floor putty. It is always important that you read the packaging carefully, so that you get the right liquid putty for the purpose. Liquid putty should be under your chosen floor surface, for example under tiles or parquet. Liquid putty should therefore not function as a finished floor.

A liquiding putty for all-round use, which you will find in our range, can be used as a liquid putty both outdoors and indoors, regardless of the type of floor you are laying. There is also a variant that is only intended for indoor use and is fiber-reinforced to even out all types of floors such as floor gypsum boards, chipboard and concrete. It is also suitable for wet rooms.

Here you will find our products in wet rooms

Liquid putty outdoors

Liquid putty for all-round use that is cement-based can be used outdoors because it is frost-resistant. You can use liquid putty when laying a new floor on the terrace, in the outdoor room or in the garage. When applying the liquid putty, be careful not to do it in scorching sun or in sub-zero temperatures, as the putty risks cracking. The cement-based liquid putty is also quick-drying, so that you can walk on it pretty quickly after application, which can be an advantage when you liquid putty outdoors.

Primer before liquid putty

The primer is an important complement to the liquid putty and contributes to a better adhesion, and forms a protective film that prevents the moisture from the liquid putty from being transported down into the underlying material. The liquid putty alone does not provide a waterproof foundation, but you need to supplement with a waterproofing layer for the surface to be waterproof.

FAQ about liquid putty

How much liquid putty is needed per square meter?

You need 1.6 kg-2.0 kg per square meter and millimeter thickness. If your floor is one square meter large and you are going to putty a 10 millimeter thick layer, you will therefore need 16-20 kg of powder.

How long should liquid putty dry?

Drying time may vary depending on the product. So always read the packaging carefully before you start your work.

When can you walk on a floor that you have put liquid putty on?

It usually takes a few hours for liquid putty to dry. Check the drying time indicated on the package.

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