Give your cat the best food

It is the epitome of cosiness when a cat affectionately climbs up onto their owner’s lap and purrs contentedly while being stroked behind the ear. If you have a soft and furry friend, you will undoubtedly only want to put the best cat food in the bowl at feeding time. This will help you to ensure that your pet gets all the vitamins and minerals it needs. 

Therefore, we only offer the best cat food on the market. Among the many brands we have on our shelves, you will find exactly what you need, whether you are looking for food for a sterilised pet or a cat with allergies.

Choose the right cat food

There are many different types of cats and they often have very different needs. Is your pet pregnant, does it have allergies, or is it sterilised? There are several things you need to be aware of before buying cat food. If your furry friend has special dietary needs, you must ensure these are met when serving food.

Cats are known to be the divas of the animal world, and as a lucky cat owner, you have surely noticed that they can be rather stubborn. Many cat owners find their pets to be quite picky, but fortunately we have many options on the shelves, so you can always find the food your diva likes.

Of course, we also have special food for castrated cats, as well as food that meets the needs of lactating or pregnant cats. Do you have a little kitten running around your home? Your new family member needs special treatment, and we naturally have the best kitten food on the market so that your kitten will have a full tummy and feel content.

Offer your cat both wet and dry food

Does your cat prefer wet or dry food? There is a big difference between the two types, and different cats have different preferences. If you have been struggling for a long period of time with your pet not wanting to eat the food you put in their bowl, you may want to try to change from wet food to dry.

You can also mix the two. Many cats enjoy this combination, although they can easily take full advantage of either type.

Do you want to spoil your furry friend over the weekend? You can surprise your cat by putting some exciting food in their bowl a few times a week. It will tempt the discerning and picky cat to the table, because it knows there is sometimes an exciting surprise waiting. 

Cat food for the pet with allergies

Achoo! You may not be allergic to a cat running around your home. Yet you may still need to deal with allergies suffered by your cat in the form of a runny nose and red eyes.

Of course, we have cat food for animals with allergies, so that the delicate souls can meet their nutritional needs optimally. By choosing food that takes care of the allergic reactions, you can significantly reduce your cat’s symptoms. 

If you do not experience an improvement after changing your pet’s food, we recommend that you contact your vet. 

Get a soft and healthy coat

When a cat is healthy, their fur is glossy and soft, which is why you must always keep an eye on changes to their fur. It can reveal whether your pet is getting the vitamins and minerals it needs.

If your cat is experiencing fur problems or they have dry, delicate skin, it may be because the animal is not getting enough omega 3 and 6. In our range you will find food containing fish, which has a naturally high content of these important oils. When serving your cat this type of food, you can be sure that their fur will stay healthy and soft.