Grilling isn’t just for summer – it’s just as easy in winter

Grilling isn’t just for summer – it’s just as easy in winter

Your garden is full of snow. The snow creaks beneath your feet, and the snowdrifts sparkle beautifully in the winter sun. From afar comes the scent of delicious barbecue that makes your mouth water. So weird. Can you grill in winter too? “Grilling may not be the first thing that comes to mind in winter, but winter barbecues are becoming increasingly popular. And it’s no wonder, because grilling in winter is just as easy as it is in summer,” says Michael Eklund, Product Coordinator at Biltema Finland.

Grilling is something we traditionally associate with hot summer days, but many people barbecue all year round. You don’t need to pack away the grill when summer is over – you can enjoy delicious barbecue in the middle of winter, even in freezing temperatures. Grilling in winter is no problem as long as you follow some simple instructions. The main thing is that the person grilling needs to dress warmly. The most important tools for the winter griller are winter clothing, a hat, and gloves. In addition, you will naturally need a grill, grilling utensils and tools, and delicious food!

Which grill is best suited for winter grilling?

You can grill in the winter with essentially any grill. But you get the best heat with a charcoal or briquette grill. Briquettes are an especially good choice when grilling for a long time and at an even temperature. You can also use a gas grill in winter. But remember, gas can freeze when it comes out of the gas cylinder. Otherwise, there is nothing stopping you from using your gas grill in winter. Keep in mind that all grills use more fuel in winter than in summer.

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What should you do before you grill in winter?

Choose a suitable location according to the weather. Wind affects the efficiency of the grill, so it’s advisable to place it somewhere sheltered. But grills must not be placed indoors, under ceilings or too close to walls, as this increases the risk of fire and smoke. The grill must be placed on a flat and stable surface.

What food can you grill in winter?

All the delicious barbecue dishes from summer can also be cooked in winter. But in winter, it’s smart to choose dishes that cook as quickly and easily as possible, so you don’t have to stand outside at the grill for an hour. For example, sausages and vegetarian sausages are perfect for winter grilling. Pork and beef fillet also grill quickly. It’s not impossible to cook hamburgers, but you may want to finish cooking them indoors.


Where to store the grill in winter?

The grill can be stored indoors or under cover in winter. It is also advisable to protect the grill from rain and snow in winter. If your grill is stored outdoors, it’s a good idea to protect it with a grill cover that can be quickly taken off if you use the grill a lot in winter.

Can the gas cylinder be stored outdoors in winter?

Where should the gas cylinder be stored in winter? In winter, the gas cylinder should be stored in a protected area with adequate ventilation. For example, under cover outdoors. The gas cylinder should not be stored in the house, basement, or attic. Steel gas cylinders are suitable for winter grilling, since they tolerate the cold better. When it’s cold outside, gas may not come out of a composite cylinder.

When not using the gas cylinder, remember to close the valves and check that the cap is secure. Also remember that the gas cylinder must always be stored upright on a stable surface.

Remember to clean your grill

If your grill hasn’t been used in a while, or if you want to clean it after winter, make sure to clean it thoroughly. The cooking grate and the grill should be cleaned thoroughly with a grill brush. The parts should also be lubricated with oil. Oven cleaner is perfect for cleaning the cooking grate.

Clean the grill thoroughly by washing these parts with soapy water and a washing up brush. Let the grill air dry, or heat it up slightly so that it dries faster. Remember to let the grill cool down completely if you’re putting it away after cleaning.

From us at Biltema, we wish you delicious grilling!

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