What to consider before buying an electric bike

What to consider before buying an electric bike

Cycling is one of the best and most gentle types of exercise available. With an electric bike you can also easily and comfortably ride longer distances, and avoid driving. Studies have shown that if you cycle for half an hour a day, you help prevent cardiovascular diseases, adult-onset diabetes and stress.

What to consider before buying an electric bike

  • A size guide can be a good starting point for choosing the correct size of electric bike. But this is not a written law, just a general recommendation. The most important thing is that you are seated comfortably and that it feels good when you ride. The best way is to test ride a bike. You are welcome to visit one of our stores to test ride the electric bikes!

  • If you have many steep hills on your commute, an electric bike with a central motor is recommended because they are stronger.

  • If you cycle a lot on uneven, bumpy or gravelly roads, an electric bike with suspension forks can be good for increasing comfort. We have several models with shock absorption in the front forks.

  • For shorter distances on normal roads, a 3-speed electric bike is good. If you are going to ride longer distances or on roads with varied terrain, 7-8 gears are recommended. 

  • There are different types of electric bikes. Do you want a classic electric bike with a carrier, foot operated brake and basket or a modern, slightly sportier model for active and varied cycling? We have electric mountain bikes for off-road riding and training, as well as collapsible electric bikes that are easy to take on a camping holiday or simply easier to store in the garage.

  • How far you can get on a single charge is influenced by several different factors. External factors such as temperature, wind and the nature of the surface affect the amount of power consumed. Other factors include your body weight, tyre pressure, how much you pedal and how much assistance power you use. Most electric bikes have various assistance modes that determine how much assistance you get from the electric motor. Think about how you are going to use the bike and how powerful a battery you will need.

  • Keep in mind that during the colder part of the year, the air pressure in the tyres should be checked more often. Cold air takes up less space than warm air, which means that many bikes have insufficient tyre pressure during the winter.

The electric bike has many advantages

It's fun to ride a bike! Cycling will become more fun when you can ride longer distances and at a faster pace, without having to get sweaty.

  • Anyone can ride an electric bicycle, regardless of their previous level of exercise and physical condition.

  • Cycling with an electric bike is time-saving. You don't have to wait in traffic jams or rely on public transport and you know almost to the minute when you will arrive.

  • You get both exercise and fresh air when you ride an electric bike. You decide how much exercise you want, the least assistance you use, the more exercise you get.

  • You don't have to get sweaty when you ride a bike. You just have to increase the level of assistance, which is an advantage when you're on your way to work. And if you've put off riding to work because of the hills you can finally think again. The electric bike will help you with the uphill bits.

  • Electric cycling is an environmentally friendly option that helps to minimise emissions of exhaust gases and contributes towards a noise-free local environment.

  • The electric bike has low operating costs. If the alternative is commuting by a petrol or diesel-powered car, you quickly save the costs of fuel and servicing. The cost of electricity used for electric cycling is about 25 öre per 10km.

  • An electric bike is used more often than a normal bike. Electric bikes can handle longer commuting distances, something that few are prepared to do on a daily basis on a normal bike. The risk is that you lose the desire to cycle when the weather is bad or when you are tired. 

Frequently asked questions about electric bikes

Do I have to pedal on an electric bike?
Yes. You have to pedal for the electric motor to give you an extra boost. You can easily set how much assistance you want from the motor, so you can move forward effortlessly.

How fast can I ride on an electric bike?
How fast can you pedal? As with a normal bike, it is you who determines the speed. The motor on an electric bike stops assisting when you reach 25 km/h, but you can still pedal your way up to a higher speed.

Can I use an electric bike as a normal bike?
Yes, you choose whether or not you want the electrical assistance or not. Keep in mind that the electric motor and battery add a few kilos to the weight of the bike.

How do I wash my electric bike?
Never use high pressure washers! Water can penetrate and damage electronic components. Lukewarm water, a little car shampoo and a sponge is good. Then rinse off gently with a watering can or a gentle jet from a garden hose. Electronic parts can be wiped off with a damp cloth if necessary. Allow to dry thoroughly indoors.

What is the battery range of an electric bike?
It depends on quite a few things. Among other things, your weight, tyre pressure, temperature, wind, terrain, and how much assistance you use, etc. But on average, a normal battery lasts 30-70 km.

How long does it take to charge the battery?
Depending on the type of battery you have, it may take between 2.5 and 8 hours.

Can I remove the battery from an electric bike and charge it indoors?
Yes, the battery should always be charged and monitored indoors.

How much does an electric bike cost to use?
The electricity required for a single charge of the battery costs around SEK 1. If you ride 40 km on a single charge, the cost for each 10km will be 25 öre. Compare that with fuel costs for cars or monthly public transport cards.

Is an electric bike affected by the cold?
Yes, it does. Preferably store the battery indoors if the temperature is below +10 °C. The battery drops in capacity at lower temperatures, about 20 percent when it is zero and up to 40 percent if it is -15 °C. Even the air pressure in the tyres will be lower because cold air takes up less space than warm air. The correct air pressure for the tyres can be found on the side of the tyre. Insufficient pressure causes the battery to run out faster and you can destroy your rims.

What do I need to do to ensure that my electric bike lasts as long as possible?
Always keep your bike dry and warm when not in use. Make sure you check the air pressure in the tyres frequently. Always start in the lowest gear and minimum assist level and work your way up to avoid unnecessary wear. Follow the manual's instructions regarding charging the battery. Always use a qualified repairer in the event of problems.

Do I need to wear a helmet when I use my electric bike?
Just like on a regular bike, the law about wearing a helmet if you are under the age of 15 applies. If you're older, it's not a legal requirement, but we recommend all cyclists wear helmets. If you ride on a so-called speedbike (which is a moped class 1) there is a legal requirement to wear a helmet irrespective of age.

Is an electric bike classified as a moped?
No, an electric bike is counted as a normal bike. The electric motor is activated only when you pedal and the crank movement starts. The motor also does not provide assistance at speeds above 25 km/h. You cycle on normal cycle paths and park as normal. However, a Speedbike is counted as a moped and requires vehicle registration and motor insurance.


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Time for an electric bike?

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Don't forget your helmet!

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