9 things you should wish for for Christmas - that you actually need

9 things you should wish for for Christmas - that you actually need

Tired of gifts you do not really need? Things that will be left in a drawer or cupboard for a few years – until the next big cleanup when they're thrown in the rubbish? Then you're not alone! And it’s neither particularly pleasant nor particularly environmentally friendly. That’s why it’s actually much smarter to make a small wish list of things you actually WANT.

If you're lucky, you'll get several of these, instead of something you don't need or want. Here are 10 great suggestions for you, in several different price ranges.

1. Battery charger with booster

This isn't just nice to have: it can also save you from some very boring situations this winter. The booster also gets you started right away if the battery is flat. And you could become a hero with your neighbours if they discover first thing in the morning that they need help getting started. It costs a bit, but this is the gadget that gets the place of honour in your garage in winter.


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2. Work bench

Speaking of the garage: do you have a lot of stuff lying around that should really have been fixed? Or do you have some small building projects waiting for you to get inspiration (which never comes)? Then you need to get something that makes the job much easier – a work bench.
It simply makes a lot of jobs a lot easier. You get a good working position and you have the correct work surface for many tasks. Perfect for everything from building to fixing things and waxing skis.


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3. Drill and screwdriver

Has it been a long time since you bought a new drill? Then maybe it's time to renew this important tool. In recent years, a number of models have come on the market with a built-in work lamp and batter indicator. That's really smart! This makes it easier to work and you don’t have to worry about when the battery will run out. It’s also not a bad idea to buy a spare battery. Then you won't have to wait halfway through a job while it charges!


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4. Bluetooth speaker

These speakers allow you to take your music anywhere, whether it's away on a trip or in the garage. With a bluetooth speaker, you can easily stream from your phone, no matter where you are. They are available in a variety of sizes and prices. Some have LED lights and some are actually waterproof. Smart both in the shower and if you are working outside in the rain.


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5. Work clothes

Are you one of those who never want clothes for Christmas? Then you're going to surprise your friends and family this year! For proper work clothing is something you will really enjoy having. There are a number of different versions, depending on what you want to use them for.
Being well – and properly – dressed makes working easier, whether it's outside or inside. Also remember to have protection if you are going to do especially demanding jobs. Everything from knee pads to face masks and hearing protection. Nice to have it ready and waiting if you need it all of a sudden


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6. Camping stove

Winter means enjoying the open air for many of us. You can make your ski or walking trip much nicer if you bring a camping stove and can make hot food and drinks along the way. It doesn’t have to take up very much space, or weigh very much. And then you have a little kitchen with you on your way!
It is also smart to have in the garage, to be able to make yourself a quick cup of coffee or maybe a little cup soup along the way. Or have it ready in case there’s a power cut at home.


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7. A little tent for your dog or cat

Of course, we must not forget man's best friend! The dog should have its own sleeping place where it is allowed to rest. This should be in a quiet and sheltered place, which at the same time is not isolated from the rest of the family. 


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8. Massage pillow

Winter can be cold and then it can be good to have a wonderful, warm massage. A massage pillow for your neck and back gives you a deep-acting and effective massage. Can be connected to the voltage adapter or cigarette lighter and can also be used in several ways to massage your legs. 


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9. Workout clothes

A lot of people want to hit the new year running by really getting in shape. Then it's great to have high-quality workout clothes that don't cost too much. A range of high-quality workout clothes and equipment at reasonable prices, so you can keep fit easily and cheaply.
The workout clothes are manufactured in breathable and moisture-wicking materials, so you always have the right conditions when running or exercising in other ways! 


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