Golf – An exciting sport you can play your whole life  

Golf is a fun sport and offers great exercise and wonderful experiences. Theoretically, golf is a fairly simple sport in which you to get the ball in the hole in as few strokes as possible. This is repeated over a standard golf course’s 18 holes. Golf is no more complex than that. The difficult part is doing this in a limited number of strokes. 

Golf equipment and accessories  

To help you play golf, there is a world of equipment and accessories to choose from, depending on the type of player you are. Just like in any other sport, the equipment becomes more important as your skills improve.  

Golf clubs are, of course, the most important pieces of golf equipment, and are stored in a golf bag. In addition, there is also other equipment and accessories, such as golf balls, golf tees, golf gloves. and golf clothes of various kinds.   

Golf balls 

Nowadays, golf balls don’t differ much in terms of distance. Instead, the differences and properties are mainly noticeable in the spin, compression and feeling. It’s important to find a ball that is suitable for your own swing.   

For the happy amateur, any golf ball is fine. And since you will frequently manage hit them out of bounds, it may be wise to invest in cheaper balls at first. As your game improves, the ball becomes more and more important, and you will soon find your favourites.   


Tees are also good to buy so that you can drive the ball well from the teeing ground. When driving off a tee, you usually make good contact with the ball and get as much distance as possible. A tee elevates the ball a few centimetres over the ground, which makes it easier to get a high trajectory off your drive. And it’s also easier to drive the ball well when the ball is not directly on the grass. Tees can only be used for the tee shot on the teeing ground.  

Wood tees are good for those looking for a classic feel. The height can be easily adjusted, and they work anywhere. Wood tees are very cheap and definitely the best for the environment. If a tee breaks, just pull out a new one.   

Quality time with family and friends  

For some, golf is a lifestyle that they never get tired of, while for others it is a sport that tests patience. After first getting that perfect stroke, you want to do it again and again. You can always find new goals to aim for, and the opportunities to improve never end. The clever handicap system allows you to compete against yourself, against others – or to simply play for fun.  

In recent years, golf has become a social sport where the whole family, relatives, and friends get together to play. It has become a way to socialise together with grandma, little brother, or a group of friends, or you can even take the chance to meet completely new people and make new contacts. Golf is as much a sport as it is a social activity, where everyone can play together regardless of age and experience.  

So take the chance and try it out! Just remember to swing smoothly and keep your eye on the ball.