Technique training

Do you want to improve and develop in your sport? Do you want faster footwork and better lateral movement, or do you want to shoot better? With the right technique training, you can take your knowledge and skills to new heights. At Biltema you will find all types of training equipment for just that.  

The right technique training produces results  

If you want to run faster on the football field, hit harder swings in tennis, or perhaps jump higher in basketball, you need to practise. Honing your technique and dedicating time to your sport are important if you want to develop.  

Here at Biltema you will find marker cones that you can use to practise footwork and dribbling, or mark the start and stop of your drills.  

You can also practise your running and stamina with exercise hurdles that you set up as part of a course.  

Football dummy for football training  

If you play football and want to practise your free kicks or dribbling technique, you should get a football dummy. The football dummy is attached to a pole that you anchor to the ground, and it folds up for easy transport.  

Develop your ball sense  

With a rebounder, you can effectively train your ball sense, ball control, and passing game. The training equipment is suitable for sports like football, handball, volleyball, tennis, etc.  

You pass or shoot at the rebounder and the balls bounce back at different heights, so you can effectively practise receiving or volley shots.