Children's and youth bikes

Children's and youth bikes

Whether it's for learning to ride or quickly getting to and from school and leisure activities, it's important to have a bike you can trust. At Biltema we therefore have a wide range of bikes in all sizes. 

For the smallest, you can choose from:

• Balance bikes 
• Three-wheelers
• Bikes with stabilisers 

If the child is older, it is good to think about the following when choosing a bike: 

• Where you intend to use it
• Wheel size 
• Brakes
• Gears

The size and how it will be used

We have various bike models that are suitable for different applications. Regardless of whether you are looking for a bike to ride to and from school or off-road, there are models that are suitable. When looking for the perfect bike for your child, with us you can choose from different colours and sizes, as well as accessories such as baskets and carriers. 

Use the table to see which wheel size is most suitable for your child. When it comes to a slightly smaller child, it is important not to go up in size too early – a rule of thumb is that the child should be able to reach the ground with both feet when they sit on the saddle. 

Size table 


Most of our children's and youth bikes are equipped with both a foot and hand operated brake. A foot operated brake means that the bike is braked by pedalling backwards. All bikes also have a so-called V brake at the front, where a lever on the handlebar causes brake pads to be clamped around the front wheel rim, causing the bike to brake.

A foot operated brake means that the child does not need the same level of coordination as with a hand operated brake. However, a foot operated brake can make it difficult for a child to learn to ride a bike, as children often pedal both forwards and backwards during the learning process. A foot operated brake may also be an obstacle if the child likes to ride off-road or on uneven roads, as there is a risk of activating the foot brake when going over bumps. 

Bikes that do not have a foot operated brake have two hand operated brakes instead – one on the rear wheel and another on the front wheel. If you pedal backwards on such a bike, you can do so without anything else happening. Riding such a bike requires a little more coordination. It is important that the child can reach the brake levers properly.


A bike with a foot operated brake has any gears built into the rear hub, these are known as hub gears. The advantage of hub gears is that they are protected against external influences and require hardly any maintenance. 

A bicycle with hand operated brakes only has so-called external gears. The advantage of these is that they often have more gears and reduce the weight of the bike. However, external gears need more maintenance and are more sensitive to external influences. 


Don't forget your helmet!

Don't forget your helmet!

Cycling is a perfect form of exercise, and it's easy to equip yourself properly.

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